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Screenshot of the dialog

This dialog cannot be docked to the window.

It's used to export the current file to a SVG or raster image.

Common Settings

Include Graph in output
If enabled the image will contain both the knot line and the graph that defines it.
Include background image
If enable the output will contain the selected background image.
On SVG output the entire background image will be embedded in the file.


SVG export has no other options, the coordinates of the path are normalized and it's exported.


The supported image formats include Bitmap, Jpeg and PNG. More formats may be available depending on the system.

If enabled, the raster image output will be smooth, without jagged edges.
It's behaviour depends on the output format, higher quality may result in larger uncompressed files.
Size of the output image. If Keep Ratio is enabled, changing one will affect the other to keep the ratio the same.
Reset Size
Sets Height and Width to the default values.