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Knotter is free software and as such it accepts contributions from the community. If you like Knotter there are several ways you can help it to improve.

Use Knotter

Download Knotter, use it, show it to your friends and send feedback.

A project success is surely correlated to the number of its users. Spreading the word about Knotter will bring more interest about the project thus more people to improve it.

Sending feedback is also a fundamental thing as will bring new features and fixes that may not have been noticed before.

You can send feedback using the forum or the bug tracker.

Maintaining Knotter costs a lot of time and some money as wells so donations are welcome.

Improve the website and documentation

This website is editable by anyone and contributions are welcome.

If you see outdated information, typos or just want to show off what you have created with Knotter feel free to contribute.


You can add new translations or fix existing translations using either Qt Linguist or Launchpad. The process is easy and intuitive.

See also Converting translation files.

Write Plugins

Knotter can be extended with plugins, if you have some JavaScript knowledge you can add new functionality and automate tasks with the internal scripting language.


If you want to maintain packages for some operating system you are free to do so. If you need some extra script or fixes to create a package just ask. Contributed packages will be listed in the download tables.


If you are a programmer and wish to contribute you can send a patch or a pull request from GitHub. You can find inspiration in the issue tracker as to what is needed.