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Build instructions


It's possible to compile Knotter for Qt 4.7 but the sources need to be ported with the script package/qt-4.7/

From a shell

    ./ && make

The configuration script will generate the makefile using qmake and set up the installation directories, for more information run

    ./ --help

If the configure script fails despite being in a proper build environment you can run directly qmake on Be advised that this will make some make targets buggy or unavailable.

If you want to regenerate the files created by the Qt build tools, run

    make clean

To install the binaries run

    make install

To install in a specific directory, you can set INSTALL_ROOT

    make install INSTALL_ROOT=/some/directory

The default install prefix is /usr/local (see ./ --help)

Misc make targets

Generate source tarball
Generate Doxygen documentation from the source files

From Qt Creator

Open and click Build (Ctrl+B) to compile and Run (Ctrl+R) to start Knotter.

Getting the latest sources

Cloning from Git

This source tree uses git submodules, this means that the submodules need to be initialized when the repo is cloned:

#Clone repo
git clone git://

# Initialize submodules
git submodule init

# Clone submodules
git submodule update

And to update all the sources:

#Update repo
git pull origin master

# Initialize new submodules
git submodule update --init

# Pull submodules
git submodule foreach git pull origin master

For convenience, Knotter has the helper script that does these three steps.