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Screenshot of the dialog

The script console has two components: the output viewer which allows to view errors and output coming from the execution of the plugins and the script editor which allows to edit and execute scripts.

Each one of these can be resized or hidden using the separator between them.

When the editor becomes too small some of the advanced controls are hidden.

This dialog is dockable by default but can be transformed into a full self-standing dialog.



Clear the script
Show a dialog to select a file to be edited
Save without prompting
Save As
Save choosing a file name
Undo/Redo the last actions inside the editor
External Editor
Open the current file using the system text editor
Stand Alone
When enabled, this dialog will be a full dialog but not dockable
Deploy Plugin
If the current script has been sent from Configure Plugins, save the script and reload it into the plugin.
Run script or execute plugin


Clear Output
Blanks out everything in the output viewer.
Abort Scripts
Terminates the execution of any currently running script