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Type Script - Other
Requires Knotter [[Version/|]]
Download fill_area.tar.gz
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Delete original selection
If checked, the nodes selected when this plugin is triggered will be removed from the graph.
Algorithm used to detect the area to be filled:
Convex Hull
The area will be the minimum convex polygon that contains all the nodes.
Single Edge Loop
The selected nodes are assumed to be all connected by a single loop of edges.
If this precondition is not met, the result will be inaccurate.
Grid Size
The size of the grid used to fill the area.
Instead of filling the area will create an outline of it.
Whether it should grow inside or outside the selected area
Thickness of the outline.
Note that the outline is still filled as a grid so Grid Size should be less than Thickness to get a nice effect.

Explanation of the polygon algorithms

Here are illustrated how the polygon algorithms affect the outcome of the fill.

Convex Hull

Single Edge Loop