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This dialog allows to change Knotter preferences.

Preferences are applied when this dialog is closed.


General Preferences
Max recent files
Maximum number of recent file names to display in File → Open Recent.
Clear the list of recent files.
Change translation of the user interface
Check for unsaved files on close
When enable, Knotter will ask whether to save changes when a file with unsaved changes is being closed
Save between sessions
Optional settings that may be saved and restored when exiting from Knotter
Customized toolbar buttons
User interface
Position of windows and dialogs
Knot Style
Last used style
Grid settings
Clear saved configuration
Delete all previous settings. It takes effect on the following Knotter restart.
What kind of data is sent to the clipboard when copying or cutting from Knotter.


Toolbar Preferences
Icon Size
Size of toolbar icons
Toolbar Button Style
How to display toolbar buttons (text, icons or both)
Toolbar Buttons
Create and modify toolbars and buttons


Performance Preferences
Cache Image
Enable caching of the rendered knot image. Imporves performance in large scenes but may create some artifacts.
Fluid Refresh
When selected the knot will be updated fluidly while moving nodes. When disabled, will update only after the nodes have been moved.
Removes pixelated edges
Script Timeout
Number of seconds after which a script is terminated. 0 for no limit.


Interface Preferences
Node Icon Size
How large the graph nodes appear on screen
Widget Style
Graphical interface theme.
Preview the selected widget style.
Change colors used by the drawing area.