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This section describes how to change the appearance of the entire Knot.


The option available on the Appearance dialog affect how the knot stroke is drawn but they don't change the shape of the knot.


Depending on the design there may be multiple ropes that tied into the knot. If multiple colors are specified here, Knotter will cycle the defined colors when drawing each rope. If only a single color is defined, the entire knot will have that color. Knotter also supports automatic coloring that assigns a distinct color to each rope, this may be useful to study the topology of that knot.


The width is the thickness of the rope.

Joint Style

If the knot style results in some sharp angles, this affects how they are displayed.


Change the pattern used to draw the knot. Note that SVG export does not support pattern and that anti-aliasing may blur the pattern details.


Borders can be customized via the Borders dialog. Each new border is added on top of the previous one and has its own color and width.

Default Style

The options in the Default Style dialog change the shape of the knot. These options can also be changed only on part of the knot (See Selection Style). Some of these features may behave differently depending on the Edge Type or Cusp Shape.

Some Solomon's knots with different styles

Global Options

These options affect both nodes (cusps) and edges (crossings).

Size of the curve control handles, it controls the way a ropes approaches the center of an edge and the cusp point.

Node Options

These options affect how nodes and cusps are rendered, their meaning may change meaning for different cusp shapes.

Minimum angle between edges for which a cusp shall be drawn.
Distance of the cusp point from the node position.
The style used to draw a cusp.

Edge Options

These options affect how edges and crossings are rendered, their meaning may change meaning for different edge types.

Distance between the ends of a loop then a rope passes under another rope.
Offset of the crossing position.