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Icon edit-select.pngSelect

This tool is intended to be used primarily to edit an existing graph: make selections, move and so on.

Left clicking on a node or edge will toggle it from the selection.

Dragging selected nodes will move them while dragging on an empty spot will start the rubberband to change the selection.

Double clicking a node will snap it to the grid while double clicking on an empty spot will create a new node at that position.

Right clicking will provide the context menu.

Icon draw-jagged-line.png Edge Chain

This tool allows to build a graph (both edges and nodes) very quickly.

Left clicking will add a new node and an edge connecting it with the previous one. Clicking on an existing node includes it in the chain but no redundant nodes or edges will be created.

Right clicking can be used to start a new disconnected chain and rubberband selecting some nodes.

Icon draw-single-line.png Toggle Edges

This tools allows to quickly create and remove edges.

Left clicks will remove the nearest edge or connect the nearest two nodes.

Right clicking as usual starts the rubberband selection and shows context menu.

You can also click and drag from a node to another to toggle the edge between them.